“Captures the unique, bitter pathos—and dark comedy—of a vanished world: Bay Area youth culture at the dawn of the Reagan era.”—ANDREW O’HEHIR, Executive Editor,

“A slamming séance summoning early eighties SanFrancisco, a never-never land of mosh pits, thrift storing, divorced dads, police raids and white punks on dope.”—GRADY HENDRIX, author of My Best Friend’s Exorcism

“As hardcore, hilarious and heartfelt as punk itself. What’s not to love?”—CAROL BORDEN, The Cultural Gutter

SCOTT CARLSEN and his teenage friends spend their nights pogo dancing at the punk dives of early 80s San Francisco and their days wrestling with the social and academic rigors of senior year. In the aftermath of a riotous gig, one of their number, a sweet natured punkette named Nadya, is found savagely murdered, and Scott’s best friend Benny, her boyfriend, is hauled in by the police. Sure of Benny’s innocence, but cynical of their chances of seeing it proved through official channels, the close knit band of young punks sets out to prove it on their own.  In the process they become entangled in a terrifying conspiracy involving Hells Angels, racist skinheads and a missing satchel of methamphetamines.

Drawing on his own experiences as a teenage musician in the early days of the San Francisco punk scene, author Todd Stadtman has, with Please Don’t Be Waiting For Me, created a work that is part mystery thriller, part cultural history, and part teenage coming-of-age tale. It is a book every bit as fast paced, hard hitting and brutally to-the-point as punk rock itself.

TODD STADTMAN is a musician-turned-author whose last book was Funky Bollywood: The Wild World of 1970's Indian Action Cinema (FAB Press, 2015.) He currently lives in Oakland, CA with his wife and collection of bootleg action figures.